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Spooky Paper Costume Ideas!


Forgot to get your Halloween costume this year? Want a bespoke costume, not a store bought one? Look no further! Fourstones has some great Spooky Paper Costume ideas made from everyday away from home paper products such as toilet rolls and centrefeed!


To get your taste buds going, how about the old Toilet Paper Mummy costume? This can be created from many different Toiler Roll products including, domestic 320 sheet toilet roll, work place mini jumbo toilet rolls, and for the true mummy enthusiast, a 400m long jumbo toilet roll. (Fourstones sell these in pack quantities of 6, so that’s 2400m of Mummy Costume in one pack!)

Spooky Paper Costume - Mummy

Spooky Paper Costume – Mummy

To add an edge to your mummy costume, add some green agricultural rolls to the mix! Extra durable and tough, this will make your costume last even longer! Not to mention the green paper will add a spooky ageing feel to the ensemble.


Not keen on being wrapped in Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls? That’s ok! Why not try create a paper mache mask using blue centrefeed! The soft yet durable nature of centrefeed rolls makes them great to mould into any shape. Creating a horrifying monster mask or an evil clown!

Spooky Paper Costume - Paper Mache

Spooky Paper Costume – Paper Mache

No matter what paper product you choose to make your costume from, we just hope you enjoy yourself this Halloween!