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Beta One centre pull toilet rolls

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* Please note that all our products have a minimum 1 pallet per order quantity.
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Beta Centre Pull Toilet Rolls

Centre Pull Toilet Rolls

Beta Centre Pull Toilet Rolls are Fourstones answer to the UKs growing trend in centre pull toilet roll dispensers.

This 2 ply white flat sheet toilet roll pulls out from the centre, allowing your customer to use it with most centre pull toilet roll dispensers.

the Beta’s design means the centre will not collapse within a dispenser, providing your customer with an easy to replace, reliable and cost effective toilet roll solution

The Beta toilet roll comes in a size of 207m x 135mm, even better, the Beta One has 200mm sheets providing over 1000 sheets per roll. Perfect for high traffic washrooms.

– UK Manufacturer – Fits most Centre pull Dispensers – dotted line cores – CHSA accredited –

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Product Code Colour Ply Length Width Core Size Case Quantity Pallet Quantity
Product code: KTTR2072
Core size:60mm
Case quantity:6
Pallet quantity:70